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Slavery Was Good For The Black Man

Somebody must have drank a little too much ganja tea... Dr James Watson is probably applauding right about now.

From our Jamaican brothers and sisters at the Jamaican Observer, published August 9th:

Slavery was good for the black man

As we celebrate emancipation and independence, we are being reminded of the horrors of slavery. According to our leaders, academics and others, slavery was the worst institution ever created. However, while it is popular for most to agree with this claim, I beg to disagree. Indeed, contrary to the belief that slavery was bad for us blacks, I believe that slavery was good for us.

Have we ever stopped to consider where we black people, especially those of us in the West, would be right now if it weren't for the Atlantic Slave Trade? What state do you think black Africa would be in today? Do you think that we would have been better off without slavery? I don't think so!

When the Europeans went to Africa to buy slaves, what did they find? They found a society and people vastly inferior to theirs. While the Europeans had emerged from their feudal practices, our ancestors in Africa, for the most part, had not developed for many centuries. We did not understand the concept of nation or government. Science and technology (and innovations in these areas) were non-existent in black Africa of the 15th and 16th centuries. Indeed, as a people, we had no sense of self-identity. In many respects, we were uncivilized.

Slavery was our most important contact with modernity. It is through this "most heinous system ever created" that we blacks were able to understand some of the principles of global trade. Our ancestors were introduced to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade between Europe, Africa and the West Indies. Black Africa's part in the trade was the importation of European technology and the export of slaves. The importation of European technology was important - even though the Africans did not appreciate this importance at first. The export of slaves was also very important, especially for us in the West.

As time went on, we blacks, both in Africa and especially in the Caribbean were, in many ways, being Europeanised and thus civilized.

The rest here: Slavery Was Cool!


  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    It's always nice to read from educated black folk who are well versed in the history of Africa pre trans atlatic slavery and colonialism...


    Next, I'm waiting for a jewish guy to laud the accomplishments of the third reich.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Good grief! This never ceases to amaze me. I have actually come across a few blacks here in Cape Town who would agree with that sentiment. This and that was much better under apartheid...What a shame that they cannot see the immeasurable value of freedom at ANY cost.

    Anyway...What do I know? I'm still adjusting to the fact that most people consider me "colored" here, not "black".

    - P

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