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Let George Clooney Buy You A New Car!

This is probably the ONLY time you'll ever hear me say that I wouldn't mind being "rear-ended" by George Clooney!

That's right - of course I'm talking about a different kind of "rear-ending"... the bumper to bumper variety... as in automobile accident! What the fuck did you think I meant?

Anyway... the story goes... George Clooney, 2-time People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive honoree, bought some lady a new car after hitting her vehicle from behind in an accident, as he was driving in Pennabilli, Italy.

Clooney accepted the blame for the incident, and when the woman went to pick up her car from the mechanic, she discovered that Clooney had replaced her Lancia Ypsilon with a brand new one. Cost? $28,000!

How about that, huh?


  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Oh, to be rear-ended by Clooney!


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