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Sanaa Lathan And Nia Long In 'Cleveland Show'

I wrote about the animated TV program Cleveland Show initially back in May. Read that post HERE to catch up!

Some new news has surfaced:

Variety Magazine says that the show "has found a way to balance out the racial makeup of its leads."

Mike Henry (a white dude) has been the voice the character of African-American character Cleveland since the character's days on the show it was spun off from, The Family Guy.

Now, actor Kevin Richardson (a black dude) has been tapped to supply the voice of Lester, a white "redneck" who lives next door!

Also joining the cast of voices are Sanaa Lathan who will play Donna, Cleveland's new love interest. Donna is a single mom with two kids, one of whom will be voiced by Nia Long. Long will play Roberta, a rebellious teen.

The Cleveland Show revolves around Cleveland Brown, who decides to take his son and move to Stoolbend, Va., where he moves in with his high school sweetheart and encounters a new cast of characters, and of course, hilarity and hijinx ensue.

The adult cartoon program is scheduled to debut during the 2009 TV season.

Here's a trailer:



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