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Is It Curtains For Old Media Critics?

Adding to the numerous other articles that have been written under the old media vs new media umbrella... this one discusses the challenges that bloggers like myself present to writers for "brick and mortar" publications like the New York Times and others.

Here's a sample: Critics are being downsized all over the place, whether it's in classical music, dance, theatre or other areas of the arts. While economics are clearly at work here - seeing their business model crumble, many newspapers simply have decided they can't afford a full range of critics any more - it seems clear we're in an age with a very different approach to the role of criticism. It appears that consumers no longer feel the need to obtain their opinions from on high: the authority of the critic, derived from their paid position on a newspaper, is diminished. Opinion has been democratised.

The last 2 sentences say it all!

Join the conversation here: IS IT CURTAINS FOR CRITICS.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hear hear! Now if only this applied to the political world as well. We can only hope.

    - P

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