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The Safe Sex License

I can't fathom this actually working as described below. Sex is such primal, instinctual, freeing act. While I applaud and support the company's safe sex mission statement, their Safe Sex License turns what would normally be a passionate, emotional act into something that feels rather mechanical, and that sucks (no pun intended)!

And besides that, will anyone actually use this thing? If a woman I was about to have sex with presented me with her very own Safe Sex License, I think I'd actually have a good laugh first, and then put on a freaking condom - which is what I would do anyway!

Also, might this actually be encouraging un-protected sex?


- Bklyn-based STF promotes responsible uglies-bumping via a Safe Sex License, a clinically backed, wallet-sized photo ID that says "I'm so clean, the condom should wear me". How it works: sign up online, download the clinic verification form, and get tested; mail the results to STF, and they'll send a card w/ your unique member ID and photo (remember: nothing says "trust me" like Blue Steel). Then simply hand the card to whomever, reveal your secret password and ID, and tell him/her to dial the card's 1-800 number; he/she will then be privy to the dates and results of your last two HIV/AIDS tests, irrefutable proof that you were disease-free on at least two specific occasions in the past. STF also provides accounts for herpes, gonorrhea, and other STDs that require more frequent testing.

If you're so inclined, you can Sign up to receive your own license at


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