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Man Cuts Off Own Head With Chainsaw!


How the hell is this possible? Wouldn't he have been dead long before he even got half-way through?

From Daily Mail UK:

- A ‘vulnerable’ man cut off his own head with a chainsaw after being ordered to move out of his home to make way for developers, police believe.

David Phyall’s severed head was found beside the power tool inside his housing association flat shortly after receiving his eviction notice.

Detectives were today investigating the possibility that the 58-year-old killed himself rather than leave his home of eight years.

He couldn't have been mentally stable.

The rest here: MAN CUTS OFF OWN HEAD


  1. Anonymous said...

    This is craaaazy...such a violent way to die. Perhaps the saw was on the floor and he just placed his neck on top of it. Mentally unstable would be an understatement!

    - P

  2. albertine said...

    I won't be surprised if some Hollywood studio is trying to buy the rights to the story to make it into a movie. Just watch Lol!

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