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Images From 'Soul Men' (Sam Jackson, Bernie Mac)

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I wrote about this film very briefly several months back. I didn't bother to look for my initial post to link to it, so you'll just have to trust that I did :o)

The film is called Soul Men and is directed Spike's cousin, Malcom Lee (The Best Man, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins).

Synopsis recap: Jackson and Mac will play two former backup soul singers who are part of a famed group that fell apart once the lead singer went solo. Bernie's character went on to open up Car Wash stores and retire while Sam's character started robbing banks and ended up in prison. He eventually gets out. They haven't spoken to each other in 20 years but reluctantly agree to travel cross country together to the Apollo Theater in New York City for a tribute performance in honor of their recently deceased band leader.

Jackson and Mac will reportedly be doing their own singing in the film - but keep in mind that they are back-up singers, so we probably won't be forced to listen to many solo performances. Although Samuel showed some vocal talent in Black Snake Moan, in which he played a blues guitarist. I've never heard Bernie even whistle a tune!

The film also stars Isaac Hayes whom you see in the photo below, playing himself, and Sharon Leal (who did some singing of her own in Dreamgirls), and is scheduled for a November 14th release.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    You should add that movie to your research list of black onscreen plot cliches. It's The Five Heartbeats, a guilt-pleasing episode of The Wayans Brothers ("When my love goes bang, bang,bang/You better run for cover you sweet little thang) and two other obscure blaxploitation sitcoms from the UPN and WB: One on One and The Steve Harvey Show. Obscure black sitcoms are a guilty pleasure for me.

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