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GOP Compares Obama To Hasselhoff

sseOh man... it's obvious that the Republicans have completely run out of ideas, and have not much else to sting Obama's reputation with.

Altogether now... say it loud and say it proud... President Barack Obama!

From HuffPo:

- In the clearest sign yet that the Republicans have all but given up on even pretending that they have ideas worth selling to the American people, the Republican National Committee has sunk time and money into this ad, their "best guess" at what an "Obama ad in Berlin" might look like. Apparently, their best guess is founded on the twin precepts that Germans enjoy techno music and that in a crowd of 200,000 people, it's possible to find someone with "Marxist" friends. Even though it has nothing to do with Germans or Marxism or Berlin, the makers of this ad saw fit to include a woefully dated kicker of Obama yelling, "I'm king of the world!" Appropriately: a Titanic joke from a bunch of titanic jokes.



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