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A Good Day To Be Screening

I was just passed on this piece of news.

For those of you living in the Philadelphia area, Sundance 2008 selection, A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy, (directed by Dennis Dortch) will be screening at the the ReelBlack Presents showcase on Thursday July 31st, at The Bridge Cinemas on 40th and Walnut Street.

No info on specific times. Go to REELBLACK for more info as the day approaches, or call the theatre.

The film was picked up by Magnolia Pictures at Sundance and is scheduled for a fall 2008 theatrical release. More on that when I have the info.


  1. Undercover Black Man said...

    Great movie title. And the poster looks like a Fatback Band album cover circa 1978.

    Look forward the hearing more about it.

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    I've heard nothing but good things about the film since its Sundance debut in January. The filmmaker is an acquaintance, and from the few conversations I've had with him, it should be a worthwhile viewing experience.

  3. Catch said...

    Give me a synopsis of the movie please.

  4. echo said...

    catch here's what i found with a search on this blog. TOR had written about it before:

    Indeed, it is a very good day. Dennis Dortch’s daring directorial debut ambitiously charts black sexuality through a set of six deliciously amusing, interconnected vignettes that unfold in a single day in Los Angeles. A hot-button, “don’t-let-them-know-you’re-watching” constellation of intimate moments, A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy seduces us with obsessively watchable performances that make it at once familiar, provocative, and fresh.

    Women unapologetically figure it out for themselves, reclaiming license to be selfish, rude, and raunchy in a playfully enduring tug-of-war between the sexes. Explicitly exploring the texture of sex, Dortch packs the film full of viscerally seductive tones and sultry grittiness as he allows us sneak-peak access to a multitude of motives of desire—a woman in bed with her boyfriend jockeys for position to get hers first; a teenager explores the limits of her sexuality in questionable situations; a boy and his ball are held hostage by interracial taboos.

    Bringing overdone stereotypes about black sexuality to their knees, Dortch explodes a constellation of sexy little secrets that we would otherwise keep quiet. Packing a strong voice and innovative style, Dortch’s kaleidoscopic sketches are juicy and surprising with every step, stroke, and...ahem. Yes, he did just go there!

  5. Catch said...

    Thanks for the synopsis Echo. This movie will probably be too much for me to handle. I'll pass on this one.

  6. Invisible Woman said...


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