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Does Anyone Really Want To 'Meet Dave'?

What a surprise, Eddie Murphy's Meet Dave, which opens nationwide today, received a sad 21% rating at movie review aggregator site,, meaning only 21% of all the film critics who have reviewed the film give it a passing grade (a passing grade doesn't necessarily mean an "A," by the way. In some institutions, a "D" is a passing grade).

What's even worse is that the star of the film didn't bother to attend the film's Hollywood premiere on Monday night! If he can't sit through his own product, then why the hell should anybody else, especially at a 21% rating?

This $100 Million film will likely fizzle at the box office, and join Pluto Nash (another centi-million dollar Eddie Murphy bust) in the gallows, and garner several Razzies as well.

I really don't understand why studio execs continue funding his expensive disasters!Shame on you Eddie! Maybe you really should retire!


  1. albertine said...

    The poster for the film alone says plenty! Might this signal the beginning of the end for Mr Murphy?

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