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Trailer Exclusive - 'RocknRolla'

A day after my initial post about the film comes its very first trailer. Unfortunately, only UK-based Empire Magazine was granted the opportunity to host it, and they smartly disabled the embedding feature, so no other website can embed the video locally (although I'm sure it'll turn up on YouTube shortly). Thus, you'll have to follow the link below to see glimpses of an orgasmic Thandie Newton, a jolly Idris Elba in some kind of funky motocycle head-gear, and Ludacris (who, by the way, is listed in the credits by his birthname, Chris Bridges - looks like he's following in Marky Mark's, I mean, Mark Wahlberg's footsteps). And incase you're wondering, the answer is yes, it undoubtedly looks like a Guy Ritchie flick, all the way! Whether that's a good or a bad thing depends on who you ask :o)

Here ya go:


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