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Spike On Katrina Revisted, Kobe Doc, Michael Doc, Obama Doc, MLK Film, Tyler Perry

Feels like Spike's been keeping himself in the news quite a bit lately, doesn't it? With good reason I suppose. He's got an epic WWII movie coming to theaters in a few months, and other projects soon after that. So, I suppose every bit of publicity helps. Yesterday at the Silverdocs Film Festival in Silver Spring, Md, where he received the festival's Charles Guggenheim award, he had lots to say on a variety of subjects...

Here are highlights From The Hollywood Reporter Article:

- He's considering revisiting the area where Katrina struck in the next 24 months for a potential follow-up to When The Levees Broke. "I'm going to go back, not just to New Orleans but to other areas affected, because it's not over," he told audiences.
- "What the press is not really talking about is the mental state -- suicide, self-medication," he said.
- Lee also said he thinks there's room for a scripted feature about post-Katrina New Orleans and tipped that The Wire creator David Simon may be working on such a pic.

- Lee's day-in-the-life documentary on Kobe Bryant would kick off the NBA season on ABC/ESPN this fall.
- His documentary about Michael Jordan's last season could see a Cannes 2009 debut.

- His longtime editor Sam Pollard is involved in an Ed Norton-produced documentary about Barack Obama.

- Said he'd love to see a great film on Martin Luther King, but, "I don't think I can do it. I can't do everything. I've got to leave something for Tyler Perry." (Haha!)


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