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Are You An 'Afro-Punk?'

I'm actually ashamed to admit that in the 5 years I've lived in New York City I've never once attended the the 4-year old Afro-Punk Festival, even though it's always been in my borough, Brooklyn, at venues that are literally within a 20-minute bus ride from my apartment.

Every year, since the first time I found out about its existence, I've always told myself that I would go to some of the festival's events, but some opposing force pulls me in another direction. I suppose that's one of the challenges (if I may call it that) of living in a city like New York. One feels overwhelmed with the preponderance of available public (and private) activities - so much that often I don't partake in anything at all :o)

But that's no excuse for not attending the festival created by Mr Afro-Punk himself,
James Spooner, writer and director of the critically acclaimed 2003 documentary film, Afro Punk: The Rock N Roll Nigger Experience. And this year, I WILL attend the festival of film screenings, live musical performances, parties and more. That's a promise, so feel free to hold me to my words! And I will report on my experiences afterwards.

I of course mention all this, because the Afro-Punk festival is coming, for its 4th year, to Brooklyn, NY, in 2 weeks - specifically, July 4th to July 13th - with a new slate of films, musicians, and other live events.

I'd like to be able to say, from firsthand experience, that it's a worthwhile experience, but I can't, since I've never attended. BUT, I will say that I have the trusted opinions of close friends who have experienced the festival, and they all say that it most certainly is worth your time and money!

So, for those of you in the New York area, or those planning on being in the New York area for the first 2 weeks in July, do yourself a favor and check out the Afro-Punk Festival taking place at several Brooklyn indoor and outdoor venues.

I WILL be there this year.

Go to for all the glorious details on what films are screening (a lot of really interesting films from yesteryear - many that I will review on this blog), what musicians are performing, and where all the parties are!


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