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Obama's Family And Kenyans Celebrate His Victory

While I appreciate this particular story and its intent, I can't help but wonder how many ways the Republicans (or Repubes, as I've heard others refer to them) will manipulate the clip, taking items out of context for use in their anti-Obama campaign. What was initially conceived and distributed as a legitimate, innocent portrayal will become someone else's fodder for fear tactics.

The story goes... along with many Americans who support the Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, many people around the world are hoping that US foreign policy will witness a change in the event Obama wins the Presidential elections. No one is more excited than the residents of the small Kenyan countryside village of Kogelo. where Senator Obama's father was born and raised, and where some of his family lives.


  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    I see what you mean about the potential for using it as fodder for fear tactics...

    Um, did they say his Grandmother's name is Sara Hussein...?


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