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Nelson Mandela Turns 90 Years Old And Has A Party!

Well, not until July 18th anyway.

But his "46664" concert took place today, June 27, 2008, in Hyde Park, London. The event was organized to raise funds for Nelson Mandela's HIV/AIDS "46664" campaign, named after his prison number. Exactly 46,664 people were expected to attend the event, which simultaneously celebrated the former South African president's 90th birthday, although his birthday isn't until on July 18.

Consider this an early birthday party, which included a fabulous dinner with many of the former president's "closest" friends - a who's who of Hollywood black elite, including the likes of Will Smith (who probably hung around after his Hancock premiere in London last week), Jada Pinkett, Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington and his wife, Forest Whitaker and his wife, and many others. Even Robert DeNiro made the trip to London for the affair with his black wife, Ms Hightower, as did Sex And The City's Kim Catrall, Uma Thurman, Annie Lennox and Joan Baez!

From all the pictures I saw, the mood appeared quite festive for all present, thanks not only to the food, but also the live performances from several musicians, including Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, Will Smith (likely getting jiggy with it) and a host of others.

Happy 90th birthday to Nelson Mandela, and I certainly hope the fundraiser was successful, and that Mr Mandela lives to see another 90 years :o)

Here are 3 shots of the event's attendees. Click each one for an enlarged view. You can see all
187 of them HERE.


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