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George Carlin On Religion

I'm sure everyone knows he died earlier this week. Here's a classic clip of the man at work, and one of my favorite George Carlin moments:


  1. Anonymous said...

    You're going to make me go there aren't you? I think I will button my lip on this one. On second thought I will say this...I thought studying theology would erode my "SPIRITUALITY". Thankfully it has had the opposite effect. I agree with George on a few counts, the most important being the notion that "RELIGION" is b*$$#@!&...the money machine that seems to be growing out of control with very little regard for the belief system it was built on or the countless number of needy people that could benefit from it. Yes! I agree with that 100%. Anyway...I will stop there...I just think it's unfortunate that he died believing that this was all for naught.

    Rest in Peace G.C.

    - P

  2. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Ha! I recognise the first few minutes of audio from Zeitgeist! Heard about his death but, beyond his Seven Dirty Words debacle with the US supreme court, didn't really know much about him before now.

    I've never been big on organised religion and, even when I had lots of it as a child, have always viewed it with bemusement, at best. Spirituality, in my view, should be a personal thing.

    I don't need any kind of intermediary/ies between me and my philosophies and superstitions, thanks very muchly, whether they call themselves, obias, soothsayers, priests, reverends, imams, rabbis...

    The believer usually seems to be encouraged to leave his God-given wits at the door and open him or her -self to manipulation and exploitation every time.

    No thanks.

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