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'Method Man' - The Graphic Novel

I haven't picked up a comic book in years. But I'll likely always be a fan. I grew up consuming the material.

So I can't call myself an aficionado - not even close... certainly not as aware and involved as the members of the Wu Tang Clan. So, it should be no surprise that their enthusiasm for the art form would lead them to create their own brands - in this specific case, Method Man, whose very first graphic novel is scheduled to hit bookstores on July 23rd.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the graphic novel will be titled Method Man, and it will follow a character by the name of Peerless Paine, described as "a ninja-like ''murder priest'' pledged to fight the forces of evil, as he battles the infernal ancient spirit Lilith."

It's supposedly laced in mysticism - full of action and adventure.

Entertainment Weekly interviewed Method Man about the graphic novel, and his thoughts on the recent deluge of comic book/graphic novel movie adaptations (let's just say he despises them).

No word on whether we can expect a cinematic adaptation of his graphic novel, whether in live action form or as a cartoon.

You can read the entire interview as well as get an exclusive look at the graphic novel by clicking HERE. The image above is lifted directly from its pages.


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