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L.A. Film Festival Dispatch - 'Prince of Broadway' Review

I'm not in L.A. to attend the L.A. Film Festival, but I'll certainly be paying attention to the blogs of those that will be present, in search of coverage on any African Diasporic content, like Matt Dentler's blog which is part of the indieWIRE Blog Network.

Matt saw Prince of Broadway yesterday, Monday, a film I posted an entry on which you can read HERE. Here's what he had to say about it... it's not what I would call a thorough review, but there's enough there to chew on for now:

On Monday, I caught Sean Baker's third feature, Prince of Broadway, having its world premiere in the strong LAFF Narrative Competition. Baker's film follows a Manhattan counterfeit hustler named Lucky, who makes ends meet by selling imitation sneakers and handbags. One day, an old girlfriend drops an 18-month-old baby in his hands, claiming it's his son and that he must take care of him now. More than just a remodeled version of Baby Boom, Baker's film explores issues of class and race in modern America. Prince Adu (a non-professional first-timer) delivers a great performance as Lucky, an African native living illegally in New York. And, Baker captures the intensity and irreverence of the circumstances with equal parts sadness and humor. It's a tough balance, and a concept that could have easily failed. Instead, Prince of Broadway is an indie must-see.

Check out Matt's blog HERE. No word yet on distribution.


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