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Dub-Ya - The Improbable President

Courtersy of the good folks at Ion Cinema, what you see above is a teaser poster for Oliver Stone's upcoming Bush pic, simply titled, W, a film I've talked about a couple of times on this blog, and I'm highly anticipating, due in large part to the talent involved both in front and behind the camera - from Stone directing to Thandie Newton as Condoleezza, Jeffrey Wright as Collin Powell, Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush, and of course, Josh Brolin as George W himself, amongst other cast members. You can read my previous posts on the film HERE, HERE and HERE. The teaser poster above apparently was first spotted at the Cannes Film Festival which closed recently, and has several "Bush-isms" printed all over its face - a list of actual and rather pathetic, yet funny Bush quotes. Click on the image for a larger version of it, so you can read them all. Stone is shooting for an October release of the film, before November election events. You know I'll be there with my $12!

By the way, check out this website,, the self-described
"grand repository for the gravy train of strained English that defines America's Mangler-in-Chief." Good stuff!


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