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Wednesday Link City

- Spike Lee gets critical, ripping Coens for their treatment of death in their films, and Eastwood for his omission of black faces in his two Iwo Jima films - HERE and HERE.
- "It's too early to make a judgment call about Cannes' 61st, but no film is blowing audiences out of the water." - IndieWire claims no one is impressed by Cannes 2008 HERE.
- Be very afraid... comedian Eddie Griffin to get his own reality TV series on VH1 titled, Eddie Griffin Going For Broke. Given VH1's track record with reality tv shows (especially those with black faces), I have absolutely no hopes that this will do anything to turn the tide - more HERE.
- The world's "worst filmmaker" wants to make a film about the Janjaweed of Sudan - HERE.
- Somebody at Columbia Pictures must have been reading this blog because a Flash Gordon remake is in the works - HERE.
- From, 5 Upcoming Comic Book Movies That Must Be Stopped and why (John Singleton's Luke Cage is one of them) - HERE.
- World's richest man endorses Obama for president - HERE.
- Obama to Tennessee GOP: "Lay off my wife" - HERE.
- Why is Hillary still hanging on despite Obama's likely eventual win? She's posturing for the 2012 race - HERE.
- Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer gets egged in Hungary - Video HERE.
- The worlds new tallest building - HERE.
- British medical professionals champion creation of human-animal embryos for disease research. Dr Moreau would be enthused - HERE.

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