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"Pathetic Earthlings... Who Can Save You Now?"

File this under the "so bad it's good" category :o)

I remember watching Flash Gordon (the 1980 Mike Hodges film) as a 6 year-old kid and relishing every moment, thinking it was the best damn sci-fi flick I had ever seen, even though it was released 3 years after the initial Star Wars movie, and 12 years after the Kubrick masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey, both significantly stronger entries into the sci-fi adventure genre. I hadn't seen either of those latter 2 films at the time. Neither had I seen The Seventh Seal, the late Ingmar Bergman's opus from 1957, which starred a much younger Max Von Sydow who, by the way, plays Ming The Merciless, evil ruler of the planet Mongo, in Flash Gordon, and who utters the line I used as the title for this entry! Going from surrealist, existential drama to laughable costume pulp probably wasn't expected.

Anyway, as a kid, I watched Flash Gordon so many times that I knew every single line of dialogue, and every piece of music from the Queen created soundtrack! I happened to catch the tail-end of it on television recently, which brought back memories. As I watched, I laughed a lot at just how cheesy, schlocky and just flat out BAD the film is/was. It certainly hasn't aged well.

BUT, 28 years later, I can say unabashedly that I still enjoyed the ride, and will probably see it again if it did air, so that I can laugh some more!

I'm suddenly interested in finding more films that would fit nicely under the "so bad it's good" banner. I think I'll make it a regular feature on this blog... and not only in reference to films.

Go Flash, go! HA!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Ha! This was such a cool show...good to know I wasn't the only cornball watching When I came to this country in the mid-70's "Land of the Lost" was my guilty pleasure..but don't tell anyone :oP

    - P

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    Alright, that makes 2 of us... anybody else want to come out of the closet???

  3. said...

    Oh, that'll be fun...

    It's so bad, it's so good -- as a feature.

    If I can think of any -- and I can't at the moment -- Ima send 'em your way.

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