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I'm Uwe Boll Bitch!

This is hilarious! If you know nothing about this, it would be best to first read some of the backstory HERE, and then watch the video. Last I checked, the number of petition signatures was up to 141,000+ and climbing rapidly:


  1. Anonymous said...

    That's pretty funny...I'm all for campy horror flicks, but those spinning camera video game sequences from House of the Dead were the corniest thing I've seen in a while. To add insult to injury there's a BloodRayne3 coming out next year...Crikey! Where's my pen?!!

    - P

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    I still laugh everytime I watch it. He seems so serious and earnest as he speaks, which makes him appear even more pathetic. Haven't seen any of his films actually, but given what I've heard and read about each one from those who have, I'm not missing anything. Bloodrayne 3??? I didn't even know there was a Bloodrayne 2. Ha!

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