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Should We All Run For "Cover?"

Whoa! Look what I found folks :o)

The film is called Cover, and it stars a rather notable cast of performers - Aunjanue Ellis, Louis Gossett Jr., Paula Jai Parker, Roger Guenveur Smith, and Obba Babatunde; it's directed by Bill Duke. Those may not be traditional "A-list," names, but they've all done some pretty good work in the past, based on their resumes.

In Cover, when someone is murdered on New Year's Eve, the prime suspect is a church-going home-maker whose life unravels when she discovers that her husband of many years has been leading a double life. Her strength of character and faith keep her going as the revelation of her husband's betrayal threatens to destroy all that they have known.

Hmmm... let's see... hmmm... I can only wonder what secret double life her husband has been living... hmmm... what could it be? What could it really be? I'll let you figure it out on your own, but I have my ideas... or rather idea.

Even though the trailer says to expect the film in theatres soon, I doubt that will happen; instead it'll be another straight to DVD release, just like so many others of its ilk.

The film played at this year's Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, but I haven't read much else about it.

So, ladies and gents, I present to you, the recently released trailer for Cover (cue dramatic score here):


  1. said...

    Isn't down low or homosexuality the double/secret life of choice these days?

    Or has that played out, yet?

    Actually, the concept sounds kind of intriguing to me. If the film is well made it might be a story worth watching, in my opinion.

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    @ TBA - I thought it was played out a long time ago... but maybe I'm just not aware.

    As you said, execution is key... if it is a well made film, given some of the talent involved, it certainly would be worth watching.

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

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