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It's A Greenlight For "Noah's Arc!"

I've never watched Noah's Arc, and don't know much about the show, but I've heard and read about it, usually quite positively. I can't think of any other program on American network or cable television that tells stories primarily about the lives of gay black men. That alone should make it a groundbreaking series!

I read that the show has been on hiatus for some time now (possibly cancelled), but the good news for fans of Noah's Arc is that a feature-length film has been green-lit and is currently in development. The film is expected to be out by late 2008 or early 2009.

Check out for more info including a clip featuring the star of the show, Darryl Stephens and Patrik-Ian Polk, the creator of Noah's Arc, announcing the above story. Afterwards, be sure to read her critical article entitled, Hollywood’s Black Gay Conundrum. It's a solid, revelatory piece! We rarely give much "airtime" to those black films that tell the stories of that "other" group of marginalized people. Of course I’m referring to the gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual BLACK population - a group that is even more invisible in cinema, both mainstream and independent. We are all connected, and are all in this struggle together. For those of us talking about affecting overall change, and helping empower marginalized groups of people around the world, we simply cannot ignore any one specific group of people who fall under that umbrella as well. If we claim to be against oppression and marginalization of any kind, then it should be an all-inclusive fight, and not just selectively so.


  1. said...

    Dammit; it shoulda been mine. It's not fair, Tambay!!! It's not fair!!! Mine came first!! Mine came first!!

    LOL. Just kidding.

    Yeah; I'd heard about this. I think this is just great and I'm glad. These lives need to be seen.

  2. Anonymous said...

    I'm a straight black woman who watched and enjoyed season one of Noah's Arc. The show explores many aspects of life in the gay community without becoming too political. Quite entertaining...I'm pleased that they've decided to make it into a film.

    - P

  3. The Obenson Report said...

    @ TBA - sorry :o)

    @ P - I'm sure other fans of the show are just as pleased, if not moreso!

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