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TRAILER - Limits Of Control

The brand-spanking new trailer for a film that's on my "to-see" list this year - Jim Jarmusch's
Limits Of Control which stars Isaach de Bankole as a "mysterious lone criminal undertaking a job in Spain."

It's scheduled for a May 22nd release.

Check out my previous post on the film
HERE, and then watch the trailer below.

From the little shown within it, I'm instantly reminded of Ghost Dog, for obvious and not-so obvious reasons:


  1. Sergio said...

    Looks interesting and a nice alternative to the big, bloated special effects leaden movies that will be coming out at that time. I'm not the biggest fan of Jarmusch, Some stuff I like and other leave me like...what was that all about? I thought his last film Broken Flowers was a MAJOR disappointment. The film should have been about the Jeffrey Wright wanna-be detective character and not Bill Murray

  2. SolShine7 said...

    The colors in the shots look great but I probably won't see this movie. Just not my type.

  3. Geniusbastard said...

    This is my type. Can't wait.

    Jarmusch is hit or miss. Broken Flowers was poor. But Ghost Dog is tremendous, Dead Man is a masterpiece, and I liked (most) of Coffee and Cigarettes.

    Sergio- I agree, Wright was the best thing in Broken Flowers.

  4. Sergio said...

    ARGHHH! I HATE Dead Men. It's a movie made by a smart ass who has nothing but contempt for the western genre, which to me is one of the greatest movie genres of all time. If you don't have respect for genre, why make a western film?

  5. Geniusbastard said...

    I don't think Jarmusch is at all contemptuous of the genre. Smartass is a matter of perspective, so I won't argue that point, but I don't think he could do a straight ahead western if he tried, anymore than Ghost Dog is a straight ahead gangster pic.

    The cinematography is amazing, the music is inspired, the first few minutes are for me, haunting and unforgettable. The ending is a tour-de-force.

    I felt like he used the genre very well to express some things that he has genuine feeling about. This isn't a Coen Brothers movie (filmmakers who I sometimes admire but for me set the bar on smartass contempt for subject).

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