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PODCAST - # 46: W/ Aaron Ingram (ActNow Foundation) & Pete Chatmon (Premium)

Podcast #46

TRT: 60 Minutes

Episode Notes:

- Tambay briefly waxes on the economy and Rush Limbaugh's recent comments.

- Guest, Aaron Ingram, founder and operator of ActNow Foundation, a Brooklyn-based, black-owned and operated non-profit film and theatre company.

- Guest, Pete Chatmon, writer/director of Premium, and founder and operator of the Double 7 Film family of ventures, as well as the 2008 Tribeca All Access award winner for his upcoming film, $Free.99.

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  1. Camille Acey said...

    Hey Tambay,
    Glad to hear you are still employed and kicking!

    Really interesting podcast!
    Here's my feedback:
    * Erm, could you add time codes to the show notes?
    *I didn't know anything about Premium and when I searched for it in the search bar of your website it didn't come up. Thanks for linking to D7 though, I found it that way. Alas, I have NO idea how I'll ever see it considering where I live. Oh wait, it's on Amazon. I am gonna buy it. yay!
    *Please watch out about the mumbling or talking too fast. I wanna get you loud and clear! :)
    *Looking forward to the next episode!
    *oh, and The question isn't 'what am i doing in slovenia?' rather it is 'why aren't YOU here too?' this place could really use some colored folks! ;)

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