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GOOD MORNING - Multitasking Can Be Hazardous To Your Health!

This would actually be a funny story if it weren't so horrifying!

Now, I'm fully aware of the supposed multitasking abilities of women, especially mothers (so, I've heard and read, so I'm not pulling this out of my arse), but this story below is absolutely ridiculous!

Police in Ohio have charged 39-year-old Genine Compton (in the picture above) with child endangerment for breast-feeding her baby AND talking on her cellphone, all while driving! Talk about a recipe for disaster!

Police say the woman faces up to 180 days in jail and a $1,800 fine if convicted of the misdemeanor.

And before anyone jumps all over me for being sexist - no, this isn't about a mother's right to breastfeed in public, nor is it a knock on women drivers, etc, etc, etc...

This is about acting responsibly! And, quite frankly, this was a really foolish thing to do, risking not only her life, but the life of her child, and whoever else she may have collided with. How about simply pulling over and doing whatever needed to be done?

While I don't think she deserves to spend anytime in jail - after all, she's got a child to look after - she should be reprimanded in some way.

via DDN


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