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FILM REVIEW - Watchmen


No, not from me... I haven't seen it, and I've already expressed some ambivalence in seeing it. Maybe when it's on DVD.

For now, check out fellow blogger V-Knowledge's full review of it; his thoughts reaffirm many of my preconceived concerns.

Here's a snippet:

Like the super-powered Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen is a lifeless, unfeeling & emotion-devoid film that ironically suffers from what many fans desired in the first place: being too faithful and reverent to its source material.

'Nuff said! :o)

By the way, he gives it a 3.5 stars out of 10!

Read the rest of his thoughtful analysis HERE.


  1. SolShine7 said...

    Definitely a DVD rental or $1 show worthy.

  2. Geniusbastard said...

    I disagree with the above. Snyder isn't able to quite do justice to the book. But despite its shortcomings you won't see a more complex, provocative or original blockbuster from the studios this year.

    And this should definitely be seen on the big screen or not at all.

  3. coffee said...

    I had a nagging feeling throughout the movie that the they chose the wrong girl for the (younger) Silk Spectre; all the other character choices were perfect tho

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