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VIDEO - Alan Keyes Strikes Again

He may be President Obama to you, but don't tell that to Alan Keyes.

In a video released yesterday, the ultra-conservative seeks to resurrect conspiracy theories that Obama is not a US citizen and therefore ineligible to be president. Keyes—who lost to Obama in the 2004 Senate race in Illinois—says the "radical communist" Obama refuses to show definitive proof. The Supreme Court dismissed the notion without comment last year.

*SIGH* How I wish he would just go away...


  1. Black Film Academy said...

    Re-damn-diculous. Alan Keyes is an attention-hungry, obsolete, bitter fool.

    I was reading an article in Slate likening Obama to a superhero and Michael Steele as Obama's perfect foil/arch-nemesis. But, I think it'd be much more appropriate and entertaining (not to mention way more detrimental to Keyes' career) if the Republicans had chosen Keyes to lead its party instead.

    What outlandish and stupid comments.

    *rant over*

  2. The Black Box Office said...

    A part of me hopes that Keyes is doing "performance art", because no rational person believes any of this stuff. He has failed at running for office enough to know that the vetting process is usually pretty thorough. I believe that it's this vetting process, more than anything else, that keeps this man from doing anything other than raising money every 4 years. Alan Keyes is a man who I honestly believe owns a tin foil hat. A fedora, to be specific. He gives conspiracy theorists a bad name.

  3. The Obenson Report said...

    BFA - interesting idea presented by Slate; although I consider it an insult to Obama to think of Michael Steele as his perfect arch-nemesis. Bleh...! I certainly hope, if this super hero comic book was created, that the writers/artists would be able to come up with a more formidable foe! Nyuck... nyuck...

    BBO - That actually crossed my mind - that Keyes might possibly be "shuckin' and jivin'" (in the least pejorative sense) for the camera, in an attempt to continue to make himself seem somewhat relevant, or, at least, remain visible. After all, he's got a career to think about. I'm not exactly sure what he really thinks all this noise will eventually lead to. The general public has long moved on from this kind of divisive rhetoric.

  4. Anonymous said...

    "What outlandish and stupid comments." Black Film Academy.
    "No rational person believes any of this stuff." The Black Box Office. "The general public has long moved on from this kind of
    divisive rhetoric." The Obenson Report. What a bunch of hypocrytes, the lot of you. "Outlandish and stupid comments" isn't divisive? "No rational person believes any of this stuff" isn't divisive? Well apparently there are still plenty of people wondering about Obama's citizenship and why he hasn't shown a legitimate birth certificate to end all this controversy once and for all. I happen to think Keyes' comments are right on the money. But you Obama lovers, the "can't we just all get along" generation, have a real problem with someone who takes a stance, speaks his mind, and doesn't just say whatever the hell people want to hear in order to get elected. Black Box's comment about "he has failed at running for office enough to know the vetting process," is short-sighted. Abraham Lincoln lost eight elections before getting the nod as president. Perhaps after four years of Obama, a man of character, intelligence, and decency like Keyes will finally get his opportunity to put this emotionally disturbed country of ours back track, provided there is any country left to fix by then.

  5. The Obenson Report said...

    My dear anonymous, it's extremely short-sighted of you to compare statements made by Keyes on his pulpit, calling Obama a "radical Communist" and attempting to illegitimize his presidency (both accusations that are completely unfounded), to any comments made on this post.

    When he spouts irresponsible language like "Obama should be stopped," potentially encouraging and inciting questionable behavior from an already perturbed segment of our population, I simply have to dismiss the man entirely, because he's demonstrated that he clearly does not have the nation's best interest at the heart of his actions.

    If you really believe that throwing out nonsense like this is somehow revolutionary on Keyes's part, at a time when Americans are facing arguable the worst economic crisis in the nation's history and are more concerned with how they will find work, or keep their homes, or feed themselves, I can't take you very seriously either.

    "A man of character, intelligence, and decency?" Please!

    Good luck to you both!

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