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TV - NAACP Image Awards (Zzzzz...)

So... is anyone planning on watching the NAACP Image Awards celebration tonight at 8PM on Fox? Does anybody care?

I may have flipped through a few times if I was going to be home, just so I can write about it tomorrow. Alas, I won't be.

I don't think I've ever watched an NAACP Image Awards broadcast - certainly not fully. It seems rather pointless, given the unfortunate dearth of worthwhile nominations, year-after-year. When the "Best Picture" nominees include Tyler Perry’s
The Family That Preys, or a white actress is nominated in the "Best Actress" category - in this case, Dakota Fanning for her performance in The Secret Life of Bees - how the hell am I supposed to take the ceremony seriously?

I can't.

If the awards committee can't find enough truly worthy African American nominees for each category, maybe the entire program should be terminated.

OR, don't insult us with poor selections, and instead consider stripping the number of nominees down to accommodate only those that most will agree are verifiably deserving.

OR, instead of looking to Hollywood for inspiration, can I suggest some consideration for independent film and filmmakers?

I applaud their attempts; I understand the intent, and it's a commendable one. However, I subscribe to the school of thought that preaches: if you can't do something well enough, especially in such a competitive climate, then maybe it's best not to do it at all!

OR, turn the reigns over to someone (or some people) willing to take some risks, and produce a memorable, worthwhile event!

By the way, I hear that Chris Brown is nominated in the "Outstanding Male Artist" category. I certainly hope he doesn't win, given his recent horrific abuse charges. Major contusions on both sides of Rihanna's face, with serious swelling and bruising, including a split lip and a bloody nose, as well as bite marks on one of her arms and several fingers? Damn Chris. Damn.

You can check out the entire list of nominees HERE.


  1. Anonymous said...

    man that show blows.

  2. Anonymous said...

    i want to start with the words "image award" can you define what type of image deserves an award and stick to it? not who is famous or doing this this and that

  3. SolShine7 said...

    I'm glad that Rosario Dawson and Gina Prince-Bythewood won. I didn't watch the show because I was at an amazing concert ( and I forgot to DVR it.

  4. Sergio said...

    The Image Awards are and always have been a joke. Who gives a rat's ass? If I had a film I would absolutely NOT submit for for an Image Award

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