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THURSDAY FUNNIES - Christian Bale Rant Parodies

Haha! As expected, several parodies of Christian Bale's rant while on the set of Terminator Salvation have popped up on YouTube and other online video sites.

In the first clip, Steven Colbert has some fun with it all, playing the part of Bale, while Steve Martin was on the receiving end of his vileness.

In the second clip... before he was The Dark Knight, Christian Bale was Bill O’Reilly’s stage manager on Inside Edition. Check it out below:

In the third bite below, the creator, who goes by the name of RevoLucian, mixed Bale's voice to a dance track, and titled it Bale-Out. Get it?

It's been up on YouTube for a couple of days and has already generated over 1.3 million views!

It's actually fairly well done, and I had a good laugh listening to it - especially with the various images of pretty boy Bale's grinning face rotating onscreen.

I'm waiting for someone to create a tee-shirt that reads, "Seriously man, me and you, we're fucking done professionally!" I think that's going to be a quote of the year!



  1. Anonymous said...

    this is why i like you. lol
    bill o' reiley(don't know how to spell his name) and christian actually going head to head would be great. the first clip was the best.

  2. Jaceeel said...

    The O'Reily remix is genius

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