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RANDOM - Will Smith M.I.A in '09?


As I prepped for tonight's podcast, during which Brandon Wilson and I will list and discuss our 5 most anticipated films of 2009, I realized something worth mentioning: Will Smith doesn't have anything scheduled for release this year! Nothing!

So... I did a little more digging and learned that this is the first year he'll be absent from our movie theatre screens, since 1994! In essence, the man has starred in at least one distributed film, every single year, for the past 14 years.

How's that for being prolific?

So, this is something of a noteworthy moment, don't you think?

With 2 films on his 2008 resume, I suppose the man thought it best to disappear in 2009. Good call I say! It's wise to give your fans the opportunity to miss you. Even the great Will Smith isn't immune to that deadly career disease we call overexposure!

IMDB does state that Big Willie has as many as 20 projects "in development!" So, I'll guess that 2010 will be the beginning of another 14-year run! I'm actually not sure what he's working on currently. There has been confirmation of a prequel/sequel to I Am Legend, as well as rumors of a Bad Boys 3, neither of which are at all necessary.

Anyway... just a random factoid on a Monday afternoon!

Carry on...


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