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I was just reading an article on another site and came across this ad at the bottom-right of the page:

I couldn't ignore the potentially damming inference that this singular combo of words and images suggests... or maybe it's just me and my sensitivity :o)

The site is called Afro Introductions, and its raison d'etre, in short, is to introduce single African women to the rest of the world of men.

Go fish...


  1. The Black Box Office said...

    Nah, I'm good. Having a good day today. This would only blow it.

  2. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    Your sensitivity, luv.


    You may not be comfortable with this sort of things or the connotations, but, sadly, this kind of thing has gone on, goes on and will continue to do so with willing participants on both sides.

    But, then again, who says it has to be sad - maybe some of them do actually find true love! I doubt the success rate can be any worse than finding love in the real world where real economic and social equality might exist...

    You might wanna give it a go, Tambini!


  3. Anonymous said...

    Oh yes I love this site. I have had made many Italian boyfriends and Arab honeys. My username is bigbootyblackwoman.

    I've seen the one with the black guy kissing the white lady.

  4. Qadree said...

    I think people feel offended when they believe their culture is being fetishized, but if you are sexually attracted to things that are associated with a certain culture does it make you a better person if you lie to people and deny having those sexual desires?

    I don't think any and every sexual desire should be promoted freely, but I'm definitely not in favor of creating cultural taboos that make a white man who is turned on by black women feel ashamed, or vice versa. What do we gain from that?

    I think the hypersensitive reactions people have to sexual issues just creates more opportunities for people to exploit the shame people feel and make money off of it.

  5. The Obenson Report said...

    Much easier said than done.

    Hypersensitive... maybe. But that "hypersensitivity" is influenced by something very real which should be acknowledged.

    So, I suppose the discussion we could be having, and not just amongst ourselves, should include a deconstruction of what's within that influential core.

    As the old "adage" goes... there's a thin line between fetishism and true love!

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