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MONDAY FUNNIES - President Please?

Obamamania apparently influenced a blossoming movement intent on replacing the "N" word with "President."

Funny... but also not-so funny. Yes, it's fake news, and meant to be humorous... yet, I'm not sure how funny our president will think it is, given that implies an equation between his title and the "N" word.



  1. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    I saw this this morning but it was accompanied by a comment about the unfairness of some people not being able to use the "N" word. I don't condone the use of the word, but I don't understand why some people just refuse to get it, either!

    As I commented there, sometimes I call myself derogatory names, but that's not an invitation for anyone else to do so!


    And I'm guessing this is somewhat preferable to being compared to a dead chimp... Somewhat...

  2. must love movies said...

    this is cute almost a chapelle skit.

    i can't imagine it really taking off. hey ob we need to talk send me an e-mail i have an idea. wink wink
    by the way its about movies

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