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Good Wednesday Morning!


If you haven't already heard, the Republican party elected its first African American chairman in Michael Steele - a gentleman I'm not all that familiar with, other than from infrequent appearances as a pundit/talking-head on various news programs during last year's presidential election race.

A calculated move by the GOP perhaps? Signs point to the affirmative. I doubt that their intent is to prep Steele for a 2012/2016 run against Obama; but I think it's safe to assume that the party intends to try to match, and challenge the Democrats, giving the party an altogether unlikely, brand new face - one that they probably hope will reflect positively on them as a party progressing, not resting on staid traditions and expectations.

Plus, it might make it easier for them to relentlessly go after Obama during his reign, without the fear of being labeled racists: "Look, we've got a black guy leading the charge; that comment he made about Obama's mother isn't racist."

Mr Steele has already begun pounding his chest, announcing his arrival, whether welcomed or not, going out of his way to challenge Obama to some kind of duel, stating, “It’s going to be an honor to spar with him,” in reference to Obama, and “How ya like me now?”, a question posed rhetorically to Obama.

And Mr. Steele celebrated the GOP's recent refusal to give Obama a single vote for his economic recovery plan by saying publicly, “The goose egg you laid on the president’s desk was just beautiful.”

Reading about all his battle cries since his nomination as GOP chair, it all seems rather silly and useless. Just get on with your job as chair Mr Steele; no need for all the pomp and circumstance that usually precedes WWF wrestling matches. It only makes a mockery of an entire establishment that already has provided, and continues to provide comedians everywhere with a bottomless well of material.

I suppose he does deserve recognition for being the first African American chair of the GOP, so, kudos to him. New ground has been broken... even if the motivation for it may not be entirely genuine. As I'm sure some have already asked, is Steele merely a token selection? Comparisons to Clarence Thomas are likely. Or maybe he's really the spook who sat by the door... highly unlikely. Putney Swope, maybe?

This should help make for quite an interesting 4 years.


  1. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    LOL! You can always leave it to a house negro to over-act in defence of his master...!


  2. Sergio said...

    I say the GOP voted for the wrong black Steele. They should have voted for Lexington Steele to head the party. Hell, I would have joined if they had done that!

  3. The Obenson Report said...

    HAHA! That would make it a different kind of party, with Lexington Steele at the top. The GOP would mos def get a really nice bump in membership; the face of the GOP will be forever altered.

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