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GOOD MORNING - First Look At Denzel In Hughes Brothers, "Book Of Eli"

For being such a mediocre magazine, Entertainment Weekly certainly gets a lot of "first looks" at future movie releases!

That aside, I'm so tickled to be talking about an upcoming film by the twin Hughes brothers that doesn't involve pimps!

Per EW, in The Book of Eli (out Jan. 15, 2010), Denzel Washington stars as a warrior (Eli) traveling alone through a post-apocalyptic America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.

All together now... Oooooh! Sounds like another "last man" rendition doesn't it? The Hughes brothers haven't really impressed me with any of their films. I'd describe their talents as "serviceable," but the rep carried by their name alone wouldn't necessarily rush me into a theatre seat!

In this early scene in the above image, "Eli finally gets some company when he steps into a bar. 'They peddle some nasty, prison-type alcohol — whatever you can make in the future when there's nothing left,' says Allen Hughes — who is codirecting with his brother, Albert — during a break from shooting in New Mexico."

via EW


  1. Brandon Harris said...

    C'mon man - "Dead Presidents" is a terrific movie for 4/5ths of its running time.

  2. SolShine7 said...

    This film intrigues me. Sci-fi + Denzel = my kind of movie.

  3. The Black Box Office said...

    Yeah EW gets a lot of access and do nothing with it.

    I actually like what the Hughes Brothers are trying to do, I really commend them for getting out there and trying. They're as derivative as Jarmusch, but I submit that it's for the same reasons, I guess. When you're sampling pieces of work that your core audience has no idea about, it looks like original genius.

    They couldn't pull off "From Hell", but then, "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" didn't work, either.

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