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FYI - "Push" Foreign Sales


And who says "black films" don't sell overseas?

I've heard/read that sentiment expressed numerous times by various studio execs as reasons for why "black films" aren't eagerly funded, since foreign box office ticket sales do matter, and can greatly influence a single film's bottomline - "black films don't sell overseas."


Here's one that apparently is, courtesy of indieWIRE:

Lee Daniels’ Sundance jury and audience winner, “Push” is finding homes abroad as New York-based sales company Elephant Eye makes international deals following the feature’s recent lucrative deal with Lionsgate, which has resulted in a law suit for the film with The Weinstein Company.

Elephant Eye partners Kim Jose and David Robinson negotiated deals at the European Film Market, currently underway, for the film with Icon, which will take U.K. and Australian rights as well as Noble, which will handle the film in Scandinavian countries. Lebanon’s Front Row, meanwhile, picked up the film for the Middle East.

“Everyone involved with ‘Push’ are thrilled to be working with such supportive and passionate distribution partners,” Jose told indieWIRE in Berlin Tuesday morning. “Based on the audience reaction at our screening, ‘Push’ is not just an American story, it travels universally.”

So, it looks like much of Europe will get to see the film, and parts of the Middle East. I expect to read about further deals made for South American, Asian, and hopefully African territories.

The way the case seems to be progressing, as Lionsgate and The Weinsteins battle for rights to the film in our little corner of the world, the rest of humanity just might get to see Push before we do!



  1. voyage2atlantis said...

    boy that grinds my gears when people say that. i'm like oh really so WHEN a black film is actually showing at a theater overseas no one goes to see it? it is hypothetical statement with no facts behind it.

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