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DOWN THE PIKE - Will Smith Is A "Monster Hunter"

According to Production Weekly, Will Smith has been attached to star in the upcoming family comedy Monster Hunter.

"Big Willie" will play a child psychiatrist who can actually see, and does battle with the monsters in children's closets.

No other info is available on this; although it doesn't sound like there's any connection to the video game called Monster Hunter.

Smith was previously attached as a producer for Monster Hunter and Kevin James (Paul Blart Mall Cop) was set to star.

Doesn't this sound more like something Eddie Murphy would do, not Will Smith? I can't help but think of films like Eddie's 2 Dr Dolittle adaptations, as well as Daddy Day Care.

I guess this is what having kids does to an actor :o)

via IO9


  1. Matty said...

    you know i was thinking the same thing... this sounds like an eddie movie... but you're forgetting the "men in black" movies... will fought monsters in them... even though the movies were a little more adult oriented than "dr dolittle" or "daddy day care"... kids loved them though...

  2. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    Maybe "Big Willie" is thinking ahead of the curve. You pointed out in a previous post that he has nothing coming out this year... and I've already read at least one article that is pretty sick of the sight of him, already... and then there was the surprise (to me, anyway) of him not being in the top 3 of Forbes' (I think) list of richest African-Ameicans...

    Seems the future might just be "Family" movies... until the role of Barack Obama is offered to him. lol

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