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TRAILER - Imagine That (Eddie Murphy)

Fatherhood has clearly had a profound effect on Eddie Murphy's career, unfortunately for those of us over 21. Despite the critical and financial flops that his last 2 or 3 films have been (the Shrek series not included for obvious reasons), studio execs apparently still believe in his "bankability," as they continue to throw tens of millions of dollars into these questionable Eddie romps, like the one below; although this one looks like standard kids fare, unlike head-scratchers, Meet Dave, Norbit, Pluto Nash, and others...

The film is called Imagine That. It stars Eddie Murphy as a successful financial executive who has more time for his blackberry than his seven-year-old daughter (Yara Shahidi). When he has a crisis of confidence and his career starts going down the drain, he finds the solution to all his problems in his daughter's imaginary world.

The film co-stars Thomas Haden Church, Nicole Ari Parker, and Vanessa Williams.

June 12th is its release date.

Here's the trailer for yet another film which I won't be seeing this year:


  1. Aziza said...

    Just once I'd like to see a little black girl in these kinds of movies that actually looks like the little black girls that live in my neighborhood.

  2. Anonymous said...

    i hear you aziza

    i watched this trailer earlier today and thought oh a kiddie movie with eddie in it that might actually be cute.

  3. Sergio said...

    Call me nuts but this one actually looks that it isn't all that painful and might be cute. I'll have to see for myself

  4. Sergio said...

    Oh yeah, the film was orginally shot under the title Nowhereland back in 2007. The fact that it had a title change and that it was shot two years ago usually isn't a good sign, but we'll see

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