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SUNDANCE 2009 - Shorts On iTunes

This year 10 short films from the 2009 Sundance Film Festival will be presented as FREE content available January 15th through the 25th, exclusively on iTunes.

All 10 short films are available for viewing for the 10-day period.

Sundance, via iTunes, will be spotlighting one of the ten films every day, including the behind-the-scenes story on the film's production.

The festival's day one spotlight is a film called Hug, by fellow Brooklyn-based African American filmmaker, Khary Jones.

Hug was made as part of the MFA in Film Directing program at Columbia University.

You'll have to go to iTunes to download and watch the short, which I'll be doing right after posting this.

Here's the direct link, which will open up iTunes on your computer:

For the full list of 09 films, visit


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