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SUNDANCE 2009 - Black Dynamite Picked Up!!


This is good news... from the moment I first saw the trailer, its commercial potential was evident, and figured it would eventually find a distributor. I didn't think it would happen this early into the festival, but it did!

From indieWIRE:

Hours after the film’s debut last night, the North American rights to Scott Sanders’ “Black Dynamite,” an homage to the blaxpolitation films starring Michael Jai White, was sold to Sony Worldwide Acquisitions Group for $2 million. While the deal has yet to be announced, insiders said that the pact closed in the wee hours of Monday morning here in Park City. The film debuted on Sunday night at 11:30 p.m. and the deal with Sony Worldwide Acquisitions Group was negotiated at the Endeavor Independent condo where Graham Taylor, Alexis Garcia, Mark Ankner and Liesl Copland negotiated the pact repping the filmmakers.

The film will be released theatrically later this year.


Kudos to Scott Sanders and company. Hope to have him on my podcast soon!

El Mayimbe at has an early review from the Sundance screening. In short,
BLACK DYNAMITE is straight up pure comedic genius and totally bad ass!
That says it all I suppose. You can read his entire review HERE.

And Neil Miller at Film School Rejects, also fresh from the Sundance screening of the film had this to say:

Expertly towing the line between satire and spoof, Scott Sanders’ film utilizes a wonderfully crafted retro aesthetic and a massive cast to transport us back to the campy world of 70s blaxploitation. The pitch is perfect and the leading man is the quintessential badass, causing the movie to attain a palpable momentum. Not affraid to bang on the fourth wall with boom mics appearing in shots and camera crews visible in windows — clear callbacks to classics such as Dolamite — Sanders’ film shamelessly kicks and punches the hell out of its audience, leaving only the stiffest and humorless viewer without loads of laughs. Its real brilliance though, is in the details.

You can read his full review HERE.

Sounds like we've got ourselves a winner!

For those in need of a reminder, here's the film's trailer:



  1. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    LOL! Kudos to Scott Sanders.

    I guess some people will be able to sleep easy at nights with the reminder that not all black people are harvard going upstarts with high ambitions.

    So dude is shooting at a few white people...? Hey, at least he's not in charge!


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