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SCREENING SIGHTING - Indie Film Blogger Road Trip

It's finally here...!

Of course, I'm referring to Sujewa Ekanayake's documentary, Indie Film Blogger Road Trip - a project I previously mentioned, which was produced last summer, and which I'm proud to have been a part of.

In the feature-length documentary, Sujewa, the self-described "Brooklyn based, ultra-indie/low-budget/superdelicious filmmaker, who generally rocks," interviews a cadre of bloggers (including yours truly) who blog about movies (mainstream, indie, underground, etc), the film scene/industry, and related matters. And the result is a medley of diverse and interesting portraits of each subject, as well as a revealing report on the varied states of the movie industry overall, as seen through the lenses of each blogger interviewed.

I certainly learned something participating in the project, and watching it after it was all done. And I think you will too... after you see it!

The 95-minute documentary will premiere in less than a month (February 17th) at the theatres at The Anthology Film Archives, in lower Manhattan, NYC, with its DVD available for purchase soon thereafter.

So, come watch me explode on screen on the 17th of February, along with a handful of other like minds. Or contact Sujewa about purchasing the DVD, for those unable to be present for the theatrical.

For more information and news about the project or the screening, see the poster above, or visit Sujewa's website for the film at:



  1. The Sujewa said...

    Thanks for the mention Tambay. Will be tweaking the poster a bit before it goes up at real world places, I see a few things that can be improved. Perhaps some pics of the bloggers will be added to a side of the building in center. We'll see in a couple of days.

    Anyway, looking forward to the'll be 2/17 before we know it.

    - Sujewa

  2. The Sujewa said...

    New & final version of the poster for the premiere is up on my sites, it looks 10x better than the previous one, and you are pictured in it.

    Gotta get smaller versions of it out in NYC this weekend & of course on 2/17 we'll have the large version at Anthology.

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