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Film Finds - The Redemption Of General Butt Naked

Found this on my desk this morning...

The film is called The Redemption Of General Butt Naked (don't laugh) - the true story of a blood-thirsty Liberian warlord turned Christian evangelist.

A friend's friend is the filmmaker. No idea what the film's future plans are.

Here's its trailer:


  1. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    Well, with war and religion being as popular as air and water in some African countries, I guess the power of war lost it's appeal and he decided instead to go for the power and money that relgion can bring.


  2. drkeith said...

    Ms. Wonder,;-) If anyone's skeptical of religion in Africa it's me. I work in Liberia and I'm pained almost weekly if not daily by some of the religious exploitation that happens here. I thought the same thing when I first heard his story. But I know the whole story of Joshua (Gen. BN), and it has nothing to do with war losing its appeal and the draw was not money. The war was still in full swing when he gave up that life. If you get the whole story, hopefully you'll see this. He was deep into the tribal stuff, a high priest in his tribe. Required to make monthly human sacrifices for "protection". But when he was hit by a bullet, he began to see that all that was a lie and gave the people who had confronted him about his life, while risking theirs, a chance. They were a couple of pastors, and I work with one of their wives. It really was the power of God in this case, I believe. But it's good to be skeptical, I don't blame you, but still give it a chance.

  3. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    Well, Dr Keith, I guess getting hit by a bullet can quickly change your views on war AND religion, so no surprises there.

    Everything and anything has the power of God behind it but, as you suggest, I'll certainly retain my skepticism when it comes to religion.

  4. Anonymous said...

    where can i get a link to see this film in its entirety?

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