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FESTIVAL - Pan African Film Festival

One of the better black film festivals in the country, IMHO.

I'm hoping to make an appearance, provided my application for a press pass is approved, so that I can take in as many films as I possibly can, and, of course, blog about them, as well as my overall experience at the festival, right here, on The Obenson Report.

One noteworthy scheduled screening is, Killer Of Sheep writer/director, Charles Burnett's next work, titled, Relative Strangers, which stars Eriq LaSalle as a once successful man, who separates himself from his family, fearing failure, until he receives word of his father’s death, and has to return home, and face those he left behind.

Drama ensues, I'm sure.

The film costars Cicely Tyson, Michael Michele, and Michael Beach.

Blair Underwood has been pegged as the Master of Ceremonies for the festival, which runs from February 5th to the 16th. Check out their website for the entire program of screenings and panels at

Below is a trailer:


  1. SolShine7 said...

    Michael Michele and Adam Beach in a movie together! Wow, those are two actors I really enjoy but just don't see enough of.

  2. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    If it starts in a weeks' time, they're cutting it a bit fine to let you know if you've got your press pass or not, aren't they...

    Oh yeah, I forgot - it's a black film festival.


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