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DIVERSIONS - Obama's Beast-Like Ride

The inauguration of Barack Obama will unveil the newest, biggest and baddest in a long line of Presidential limos.

According to Presidential vehicle experts, the new limo is a "beast-like General Motors truck-based Cadillac that is so tough it's like a 'rolling tank with windows.'"

Among the vehicle's main features are windows that are 5 inches thick, 19.5-inch Goodyear RHS tires (same as super tough trucks), and possibly even a lock safety mechanism that seals off the car like a bank vault in case of an emergency.

In an interview with CNN, security expert Ken Lucci says rubber gaskets likely protect the car against chemical weapons and that the body will be made out of a tougher material than before.

Despite the immense secrecy, reports have leaked that the limo also comes with a 10-CD changer, which will inevitably end up playing Obama favorites like Steve Wonder and Bob Dylan.



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