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CONTEST - Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival

This just in... Sent to me via email a few hours ago for interested filmmakers:

The Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival announces a competition to find the official trailer for the 2009 Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival. For the first time in the three-year history of the Festival, Tribeca and ESPN have created a unique competition to find the official Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival trailer that will be scheduled to play prior to all of the films in this year’s sports film festival. The 2009 Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival will take place during the Tribeca Film Festival, April 22 through May 3, 2009.

To participate in the competition, contestants will need to shoot a reenactment of a scene from a classic sports film. Three scenes from two classic Walt Disney Pictures, Remember The Titans and Cool Runnings, have been preselected for contestants to recreate. All recreations of the scenes should keep within the spirit of the original film and be under 30 seconds. A panel of Tribeca and ESPN notables will select the top submissions and choose the final winner. The competition begins Monday, January 5, 2009 and ends Saturday, March 7, 2009.


Contestants should log on to download the script pages to both films and then submit their videos.

In addition to having the scene play as the official trailer for the 2009 Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival, the grand prize winner will receive a trip for two to New York City (including airfare and hotel accommodations) for two nights to attend the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, dinner for two at the ESPN Zone, one Apple TV with an I-Tunes gift certificate in the amount of $100, and a 17-inch Apple Mac Book Pro fully loaded with Leopard OS and Final Cut studio.

Sounds good - especially the 17-inch Mac Book Pro fully loaded with Final Cut Studio. That alone is a $4,000+ package.

Interesting that they picked 2 films with predominantly African American casts.

Although, it seems pointless to recreate a scene from an already existing movie, doesn't it? How much flexibility does one have with each rendering? What exactly are they looking for here?

Some suggestions:

• Have your friends and family play the roles of the tough football players in Remember The Titans.
• Get your kids to play the surly, yet inspirational coach.
• Have one person play all the roles.
• Swap genders in the roles.
• Set the scene in a different place and time.

In short, be as creative as you want to be!

For a refresher, I included clips from both films below.

Here's a clip from Remember The Titans:

Here's a clip from Cool Runnings:

So, what are you waiting for? You've got 2 months to put something together. I just might participate this time!

Here's the link again:


  1. must love movies said...

    i saw this on black film academy.
    i was looking for a link.
    are you going to do it?

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    I might... you?

  3. must love movies said...

    thinking about it

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