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CONTEST - Netflix FIND Your Voice Film Competition

Just announced this afternoon...

Netflix, Inc. and Film Independent (FIND) are joining forces to "discover the next great independent filmmaker."

The "Netflix FIND Your Voice Film Competition" will award one aspiring filmmaker the means, guidance and resources to make a full-length, narrative film.

The winner of the competition, who will own all rights to his or her film, will be determined between now and July 2009, will be given distribution online at Netflix.

In addition to production resources needed to make the film, the winner will receive a $150,000 cash production grant funded by Netflix. Film Independent will provide advisement and mentorship to the winning filmmaker throughout the production of the film and will also screen the winner's movie at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

So, what do you have to do to qualify?

The competition is a three-stage process:

– First, from today until February 9th, the competition will accept applications from aspiring filmmakers at You'll need to fill out an application with all the usual (name, D.O.B, synopsis of your script, a list of cast and crew (if applicable), a budget top-sheet, a DVD containing footage of your best work or a link that provides online access to such footage, etc, etc, etc) and submit along with your 80 - 120 page screenplay.

For the rest of the story, go to

This is one good reason why it's a good idea to write continuously, if you're filmmaker, so that you'll always have a completed script or two, sitting around, waiting to be made, because you never know when an opportunity like this, with such a short application window, will arise. If I had a completed feature script, I certainly would participate, but, alas, I don't, so I can't! Granted I've got until February 9th - a whole month - but that's just not enough time to put together something good enough to submit.



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    so many contests so little time

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