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CALENDAR - January 2009


I'm populating my calendar with notable film-related events for the month - specifically, cinema of the Diaspora.

If you know of something I'm not aware of that should be on my calendar, please do share.

I'll update as I learn of new events.

In theatres this month:

On the 9th, look for the second adaptation of a T.D. Jakes novel, titled, Not Easily Broken, starring Morris Chestnut and Taraji P Henson. A couple's love and faith are tested when the wife is injured in a car crash and the husband becomes attracted to another woman. Surprisingly, it's getting a wide release! Sony Pictures, the distributor, must have high box office hopes for it! Dill Duke directed it.

Also on the 9th, a "slimmed-down" version of Steven Sodebergh's 2-part Che Guevara bio-pic, simply titled Che, will see a limited release. I already saw the full 4 1/2 hour version, which I reviewed on The Obenson Report podcast.

The following week, on the 16th, the Biggie Smalls bio-pic, aptly titled Notorious, will be released in select cities by Fox Searchlight. Newcomer Jamal Woolard stars as the notorious one, aka Christopher Wallace, capturing both his life and death. George Tillman Jr of Babershop fame is director.

In limited release, on the 30th, is "Best Picture" Cannes winner, from French filmmaker Laurent Cantent, titled, The Class (or, Entre les murs). Based on an autobiographical novel, the film follows the year in the life of a French schoolteacher working at a high-school in a tough neighborhood of Paris. Ethnicities, cultures and attitudes clash in the classroom.

Also on the 30th, Barry Jenkins' feature debut, Medicine For Melancholy, which I'm sure you've all heard or read about, especially if you've been a reader of this blog, will open at IFC theatres in New York City. Not sure about the rest of the country.

And lastly, of course, from the 15th through the 25th, Park City, Utah will be the place to be for cinephiles like yourselves, as the 2009 Sundance Film Festival begins another year of film festival peaks and valleys. You can read my Sundance prep entries HERE and HERE.

Competing for press attention will be the Slamdance Film Festival, which takes place from the 15th to the 23rd, also in Park City, Utah! Read my Slamdance preview HERE.

That's all I've got! All of you hosting "microcinema" screening events this month (and in the future), feel free to send me info on your film and all other relevant facts, and I'll add to the calendar.

Happy 2009!


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