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What Are Your Top 5 Films Of 2008?

Exactly 2 weeks from today, January 5th 2009, from 8PM to 9PM, Monsieur Brandon Wilson (AKA the Genius Bastard himself) and I will countdown our top 5 films of 2008, on The Obenson Report Podcast on black cinema (you can listen to past episodes of the program via iTunes. Just search for "Obenson Report" in the iTunes store).

We would love to know what your top 5 films of 2008 are, so please do share! The January 5th recording of the podcast will be dedicated entirely to top 5 lists of 2008, and we will read some of the submissions we receive on the air.

You can post your selections here, on this blog, or you can email them to; or call and leave a voice message on our toll-free voicemail with your choices at 1-800-765-7249, and we'll play your message on the air.

I strongly encourage your participation. There are no right or wrong answers, so don't be afraid to share your opinions. Some of us might even learn about a film or 2 that we haven't heard of, and decide to see it.

We're looking specifically for films that were released in 2008 - but the format on which they were released is not important. So, they can be films you saw on DVD, that weren't released theatrically, or films that were only released on television (whether network or cable), or films you saw at film festivals, or other microcinema screening events that have no distribution, etc...

Brandon and I will share ours on the podcast. There are still some films I have to see before the year is over!

So... let the good times roll!


  1. Aziza said...

    I'm going with:

    1. The Dark Knight - I'm sure this will be on many lists.
    2. Cloverfield - I'll probably get some flack for this one, but I thought it was one of the more unique and thrilling films of the year.
    3. Waltz With Bashir - caught a pre-screening of this. Dream-like visuals and engaging
    4. Synecdoche, New York - If only because of how daring it is, and the risks taken.
    5. The Wrestler - One word: Mickey Rourke. It's easy to forget how good an actor he is.

    Looking forward to reading others.

  2. Aziza said...

    Oh and love your blog. Just discovered it!

  3. Invisible Woman said...


    Ten Best Black Feature Films

    1. The Secret Life of Bees
    2. Cadillac Records
    3. The Family That Preys
    4. The Express
    5. Miracle at St. Anna
    6. Meet the Browns
    7. Never Back Down
    8. Seven Pounds
    9. Soul Men
    10. The Longshots


    Best acting, Rick Fox, Boris Kodjoe?


    Jesus Lou-weesus, how can anyone take someone seriously that can say Nora's Hair Salon 2 and Three Can Play That Game are horrible (which they were btw), and in the next paragraph praise Meet The Browns and How She Move? What is te diffrence between the four?

    Whatever, dude!

  4. The Obenson Report said...

    Um... I.W. I think you posted this in the wrong section...

  5. Invisible Woman said...

    LOL! Just saw that. That's what I get for ranting--haha!

  6. The Obenson Report said...

    I'm with you on the rant though :o)

  7. Ortega said...

    Well l cant answer this uestion now but on christmas day and oxing day l could answer this question as l'm watching The Curious Case of BB, MIlk, hopefully Doubt, the wrestler(my hopes are not up) and then Revolutionary road, slumdog millionaire.
    l can right now bet l will watch TCCOBB, SLumdog, Milk

  8. Invisible Hand said...

    The Wrestler is great.

  9. The Obenson Report said...

    Aziza - Thanks for your list. I actually forgot all about "Cloverfield." It's been so long... not sure if it'll make my top 5 though. I'll be seeing "Waltz With Bashir" and "The Wrestler" this week.

    Ortega - I should catch "Benjamin Button" this weekend. Busy movie-watching week for me. I've got at least 4 films to see.

    I.H. - So, I've read. I don't think I've seen one lackluster review of it. I'll be checking out this week. I'll post my review here after.

  10. Hess said...

    Frost/Nixon, Doubt, My WInnipeg, Wall-E, Man On A Wire

  11. Prometheus Brown said...

    1. Chop Shop
    2. Milk
    3. Man on Wire
    4. JCVD
    5. Foster Child

    Still haven't seen:
    Waltz With Bashir
    The Wrestler

  12. The Obenson Report said...

    PB - I missed JCVD. I didn't even realize it played locally, here in NYC. It was on my too see list for the year.

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