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Watch Me Explode... On Camera!

Ok... so I'm not really exploding, but I look like I'm about to in this clip below from
Sujewa Ekanayake's documentary, Indie Film Blogger Road Trip - a project I previously mentioned, which was produced over the summer.

In the feature-length documentary, Sujewa, the self-described "Brooklyn based, ultra-indie/low-budget/superdelicious filmmaker, who generally rocks," interviews a cadre of people who blog about independent movies, the film scene/industry, and related matters. And the result is a medley of diverse and interesting portraits of each subject, as well as a revealing report on the varied states of both the independent and mainstream movie industries, as seen through the lenses of each blogger interviewed.

I certainly learned something. And I think you will too... after you see it!

To whet your appetites, Sujewa unveiled the first 9 minutes of the documentary, on his website, which I've included below. In it, we see: Anthony Kaufman talk about the moment when he knew he would "make it" as a professional film journalist; we see Sujewa himself introduce the documentary; and lastly, you see my recorded segment, as I speak about the blogging community that I've become a part of, and how blogging has helped me as both a blogger and a filmmaker.

The full 95-minute documentary will be available at screenings and on DVD in 2009. For more information and news about the project visit:

And now, watch me almost explode in all my nervousness :o):


  1. SolShine7 said...

    Very interesting! You did a nice job responding to the questions. And the idea about the black film portal is intriguing. It would be awesome if you got something like that going! It's so hard to find the screenplays for black films. And you really have to do some searching to find interviews with black indie filmmakers where they actually talk about the craft. Anyhow, keep me posted!

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    Will do... :o)

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